Can we build fun casual mobile games, that anyone can play and get rewards in the form of tokens to be redeemed and traded?

We see play-to-earn as a way to engage and reward the community for their time and open the door to other products provided by RFOX.
In this challenge, participants are asked to build mobile games – puzzle, arcade game, platformers, table-top games (checkers, chess, etc.) – implementing a play-to-earn mechanism using the blockchain and RFOX token.
How to respond to the Challenge?
  1. First, make sure you read all challenge statements in the RFOX MetaHack 2022.
  2. Select a challenge to attempt, and make sure you understand it fully.
  3. Bring your questions to the Information Session.
  4. Start building the product slide deck – Reach out to us if you need guidance or clarifications.
  5. Build the solution to the challenge, using the language and tools needed.
  6. Make the submission.
RFOX will provide:
  • Clear direction, guidelines and clarifications.
  • RFOX Tokens on the blockchain testnet.
  • KOGs (NFTs) minted on the blockchain testnet.
The above resources will be provided to the participants, after the Information Session.
Submission Must Include
Your submission must include:
  • Product slide deck – Needed to present/pitch your product.
  • A fully functional or a ready to launch product – Needed to demo the working product.
You will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Code Quality, defined as:
  • Completeness – How well does the code conform to the functional specifications and requirements of a project, in this case, the challenge.
  • Correctness – Structural quality, which relates to the maintainability of the code.
  • Correctness – Functional quality, which relates to the stability and robustness of the code.
2. Creativity in solving the problem statement:
  • Make it fun! – Games are supposed to be fun.
  • AAA production values are not needed.
  • Use sound and an attractive look and feel.
  • This is where the artist in you will shine!
3. Product ready – How close is the submission to a final product?
Qualification Criteria
  • This challenge is open to individuals, teams, as well as early-stage startups.
  • Submit the correct link to the code repository.
  • Make sure your repository includes the complete codebase (All the commits are done, documentation, install scripts, other resource files)
  • Solve only one of the challenges mentioned, and explicitly state which challenge you are taking on.
  • Own your code – Do not plagiarize. That will be grounds for instant disqualification.
  • Explicitly state other challenge dependencies and open-source licenses used in the challenge.
Submission Guidelines
You can submit your challenge by uploading it to a public Github.

You need to include:
  • Source code.
  • API end-point documentation.
  • Documentation for developers with code samples.
  • Architecture diagram.
  • How-to install/deploy.
  • Scripts and other resource files.
RFOX will engage in a revenue sharing model with the prize winner.

Additionally, we offer publishing support:
  • Building a strong web presence.
  • Publishing in an app store.
  • Social Media engagement using RFOX channels.
  • Word-of-mouth leveraging the RFOX community.
  • Business Intelligence and analytics provided by the RFOX team.
All the above represent a 6-month Marketing and Communication budget of 35,000 USD*.

Full Terms and Conditions will be defined by contract between RFOX and the prize winner.

a. Use the RFOX token as a payment method

b. Use the RFOX token as a rewards token (Optional)

c. Preferred support for KOGs (Keys to Other Games) NFTs (on the WAX blockchain only)

d. Design and implement a play-to-earn game mode

e. Game-type: Arcade, RPG, Board (Chess, Checkers, etc.), Platformer, etc.

f. Pick one of the supported blockchains:

  1. ETH (Ethereum)
  2. WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)
  3. BSC (Binance Smartchain)